Tired Eyes

Tips on Finding Relief for Tired Eyes

These days, tired eyes are not just a problem for elderly people, or those who are susceptible to eyes train; with so many people using computers, tired eyes can be a problem for people of all ages. When you are reading or using a computer throughout the day, fatigued eyes are one of the consequences. When someone has an ongoing problem with fatigued and tired eyes, it can lead to eye weakness and the inability to focus on objects.

Despite the many advantages of modern computer technology, one of the biggest disadvantages is the toll it will take on your eyes, especially if you spend all week staring at a computer screen. It’s true that the proper lighting will help reduce tired eyes, but it isn’t really enough. Over time someone’s eyesight will become weak, and they will begin having problems seeing, even when away from the computer.

Some of the symptoms of eye damage due to computers will include eye weakness, sensitivity to glare, as well as the inability to focus and determine depth perception.

Of course more than just looking at a computer screen can cause tired eyes, other things that may contribute to tired and fatigued eyes include allergies, not getting enough sleep, crying, as well as an inadequate oxygen supply. Other contributors include straining to see in dim lighting, or excessively bright lights and glare. Tired eyes may also become a problem if you are not drinking enough water, or if your diet consists of too much salt; in addition, a vitamin deficiency may also cause eye problems.

There are some simple home remedies that can help with tired eyes, though if you are suffering from permanent vision problems, you will likely have to see your eye doctor for treatment. If your problem is eyestrain or simple tired eyes you can try the following remedies.

Cold Spoons – If you want to treat puffiness under the eyes, you can take two spoons and place them in your freezer for a few moments, ensuring that they do not freeze. When the spoons are cold, place one under each eye and let them set for a few moments; this should help reduce the swelling under your eyes.

Milk- Take a little cold milk and soak two cotton balls in it; when the cotton balls are saturated with the milk, place one on each eyelid.

Cold Water – If you have a frequent problem with tired eyes, you can splash them with cold water several times a day. This will help the appearance of your eyes, as well as help them to feel less tired and strained.

Tea Water – You can soak cotton balls in tea water and then place them on your eyes; this will also work with water that has a few drops of lavender oil added. This is a great treatment for really tired eyes.

Cucumbers – Of course one of the most well known remedies for tired puffy eyes is to place cucumber slice on each eye. This will help reduce the swelling around the eyes.

All of these home remedies can help to some extent with tired eyes, but the best thing that you can do is to get plenty of sleep, and try not to over strain the eyes by sitting in front of computer screen too much, or reading small print. If you do suspect that your tired eyes are causing some permanent visions damage, you’ll want to see your eye doctor as soon as possible so that you can get glasses and limit further damage to the eyes.