Eye Rash

Helpful Information Pertaining to Eye Rash

When talking about rash, most people never give thought to eye rash but this one part of the body can be affected.  Actually, a rash around the eye area can be caused by several reasons, some that are minor and some major.  For instance, the following are possible reasons that a rash on this area of the body might develop:

  • Atopic Dermatitis
  • Chicken Pox
  • Contact Dermatitis
  • Dry Skin
  • Extreme Heat
  • HIV Infection
  • Measles
  • Medication
  • Skin Cancer

Typically, when an eye rash develops, in addition to areas of red, raised bumps, it is common for the area to have inflammation and itching, as well.  Depending on the cause and severity, the individual may also develop blisters, which may or may not be filled with fluid.  For the more severe cases of eye rash, a painful burning sensation might also occur.  When itching is involved, what often happens is the person will begin to scratch and the more they scratch, the eye rash spreads or becomes infected.

Even though an eye rash is not usually serious, if the rash persists for more than two days, a doctor should be seen.  The reason is that some diseases can present in the form of a rash.  Therefore, getting an early diagnosis and proper treatment could bring the disease under control before horrific damage is done.  For instance, in the case of cancer, getting immediate and proper care could actually save the person’s life depending on the type of cancer.

In many cases, treating an eye rash involves steroidal topical creams but it would be important to choose the right product since this would be applied near the eye.  Many products are sold over-the-counter or the doctor may prefer to prescribe medicated ointment or cream.  The rash might also be treated with drops, as well as oral antibiotics or in the case of a bacterial infection or fungus, another type of prescription medication.

The most important thing is not to simply ignore any eye rash.  Again, if the rash does not disappear within a short amount of time, then action is required.  Unfortunately, cases have been reported involving an eye rash not checked, leading to major infection that spreads throughout the body and even loss of sight.  Chances are the doctor would simply provide treatment and the eye rash would go away but with only two eyes, this is certainly not something to mess around with, just in case.

In addition to treatment, an eye rash can also be prevented with proper diet and healthy lifestyle.  For instance, if someone develops a rash such as this after using a certain skincare product or eating some type of food, then that product or food would need to be avoided.  For diet, it is important to eat fresh foods instead of fast or processed foods.  Even drinking more water and adding one teaspoon of hempseed or flaxseed to a glass of water daily would also be beneficial.